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What if Railways mend snags earlier! Former PM Shastri’s poise vital now
Monday November 21, 2016 12:12 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Rail accident

There is no idea more proper or more polite than heartfelt condolences offered to the 126 persons killed in the recent train accident at Pukhraya here. It was indeed a major derailment for the railways. That Black Sunday agony will not be easy to forget. Inattention at the passengers’ hints turned out nightmarish just ahead of a few miles at Pukhrayan from Kanpur Dehat district.

What railways grasped afterwards was the dance of deaths on the cracked tracks which smashed to smithereens everything. What remained was a gloomy scene of morose looks and sullen faces all around. Those passengers who luckily remained safe with the grace of God are fortunate enough.

What kind of nervous optimism do we stumble on at the time of such sudden accidents? A political attitude with the humility of Lal Bahadur Shastri does not appear on this heart-rending, sad and unfortunate time. Only required temporary relief works are done and a flat amount of compensation is declared for the saddened & aggrieved families. Distorted compartments were removed with the help of electric cutters and advanced machines.

A high-level probe has been ordered forthwith and Prabhu has assured of strict possible action against those who could be responsible for this tragedy. The trains will start running with necessary precautions following tracks’ clearance.

No programme or function at the government level is postponed, no minister resigns, no work is put off to show complete consideration with the big losses of the human lives. It seems maddening that discussion over accident does not end from morning until tonight. It is not that the people in any way stop from denouncing the lapses. It is rather that they continue to go into sadness over the tragedy.

It is not merely that the political persons’ sympathetic messages look good at that saddened hours when they first hear of the accident on the railway tracks. They seldom prefer to visit the place and lend their helping hands in relief works. What for are they elected by the common people?

It seems they are representatives as well as activists only for receiving huge amounts of salary and benefits under the elected title of honourable. Is this disposition grand in our democracy?

Nevertheless, a Samajwadi leader like Shivpal Yadav appeared too humble in exhorting his party workers to carry ample assistance to the injured or wounded passengers on the spot. This moral support is soulful reiterating that sense of Shastriji’s humility which perturbed him during a train accident in those earlier days.

It would have come to Shivpal’s mind like a naturally social animal for pursuing the passengers in utter distress. He is supposed to have followed the simplicity with ease. It is right that this particular train accident sharpened and defined his humbleness.

By and large, if Modiji had arrived on the spot, it would have been proved a sophisticated step in the light of a practical necessity. Not only the Congress Party spokesperson on a TV programme has flayed Modiji for his reckless attitude but the BSP supremo Mayawati has also criticised him for this negligent stance. The passengers would have realised a big respite psychologically by his very presence on the place. He was not too far from Kanpur hours after the accident occurred.

In his speech at Agra, he did not feel at ease in expressing his deep anguish and sympathy with the tragic hit families. He expressed, “He was anguished beyond words.” Experience may be shattering to the railways' authorities over slackness in restricting its wiser efforts towards the tracks safety measures positively. But for all those passengers, its weight is nothing more than a pathetic dream.

In the meantime, the passengers opined had the railways' officials considered over the faults if any and looked into bringing improvements in the thumping wheels; the derailment might have been averted. Here the proverb “Savdhani Hati, Durghatna Hui” fits suitably in view of the serious lapses committed in that travel.

A Pukharayan thump goes thus: “Kucch To Bank Ki Qataar Mein Mur Gaye, Kucch hospital Ki Ink Se Mur Gaye, Jo Bache thhey Wo Rail ki Failure Se Mur Gaye.”


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