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Journey to The Kingdom of Nepal made easy and full of fun

Thursday August 30, 2018 6:18 PM, Zohair M Safwan,

Pokhara Nepal Hotel

Who has ever heard in life - Tibet, the Himalayas, Shambhala - he knows what feelings, the images they evoke. There is something invisible that firmly ties all of us to these places, regardless of whether we were there or just going to visit it. We will do our trip mentally. And after it you can go there alone or with a new soul mate from

Relax, sit back, close your eyes and imagine for a minute - in a day or two, there will be a Saturday, you will board an airplane and in 11 hours, land in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. At the airport, quick and easy registration of documents, not annoying, a purely formal check of your luggage, and now you leave the airport building. The East, before you there is a country, about which much is written, it is said, but it remains an unsolved fairy tale. You have a whole month ahead, lots of plans, advice, and requests to bring something to memory. Leave the plans, throw away the advice from the head, especially the advice of people who have never traveled to Nepal.

You make the first step in Nepal and the boys are rushing to you with a proposal to bring your luggage to the taxi. Be sure to bargain about the price - these are the old rules of the East. After the road you need, of course, to get to the hotel. Drive to Thamel, this is a tourist area near the royal palace. It is more convenient to live there, there are many shops, restaurants, it is more comfortable.

The first evening, where to go? Go to the restaurant, there are a lot of them in Thamel, ask where is the Italian "Pizzeria", it's five minutes walk from Lhasa. A wonderful place, you can dine in the courtyard in the air, especially since in Nepal it is almost always warm. The rains come from May to August, the winter begins at the end of November and lasts until March, the rest of the time it is warm there.

Carefully look through the menu. What do you like? In restaurants, the choice is very rich, there are Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, European and, of course, Tibetan cuisine. In the restaurant where we are now sitting, they perfectly cook spaghetti, a tuna salad, a vegetable burger.

Order a beer, it is unusually delicious in Nepal, most likely because of water. If you do not want a beer, ask for lemon tea, tea with a ginger, chamomile, fresh juice, milkshake, fruit lassi.

It's already dark, a warm evening, the persimmon branches are leaning low, candles are burning, music is playing, it's good for you, now is the time to forget about everything left at home, about all our worries. Feel the aura of the country, people, stop hurrying, plunge into life around you. And it flows in its strict rhythm, no fuss, everyone knows where to go and what to do.

Thamel Nepal Bazaar

The morning of the first day. You took a shower, got dressed, looked out the window, it was not raining, it was warm in the street, the mood was upbeat. Then get down or ask for breakfast in the room - porridge, tea, eggs, toast or whatever you like, and go to the city. If you already know what you'd like to see, then book a taxi through the hotel's administrator - it's cheaper than taking a car on the street. Kathmandu is an old city, there are many temples, saints for Buddhists, Hindus, Shivaite places, there are national shrines - the old royal palace, for example, there is also a museum of the ruling dynasty of kings. Buy a map, ask the hotel servant where you can go. If you have a little extra money, you can take a guide that will be with you as much time as you need.

You are a little tired of Kathmandu, but it's good fatigue, kind. Now is the time to see the mountains closer, swim, live for a week or two at the resort. You are surprised, yes, in Nepal there is a resort - Pokhara. At your attentive host at the hotel, you book a ticket to Pokhara for a bus or personal car, which is more expensive, or for an airplane. Depending on the chosen transport in 11 hours, 8 or 1 hour of the most beautiful trip you find yourself in a fabulous place. Snowy Himalayan peaks frame the green fertile valley, snow even glistens in good weather, a deep green lake, warmth, the rhythm of life in Pokhara is much calmer.

If you prefer to just relax, meditate, swim, ride a bike, swim on a boat, then you will not find a better place.

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