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Muslim Intellectuals reject

Taliban Ban on Female Education

Against Islamic principles is their act, not the female education,

they assert

20 February 2009 05:26:37 PM, Ummid.com Staff Reporter




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Arshad Mukhtar laying the foundation stone of the new building for girls at Mansoora, Malegaon. The new building will double the number of girl-students who are currently studyting at

 Kullia Aisha.

Jamia Mohammadia:

Education hub for boys and girls

Founded in 1978, Jamia Mohammadia Education Society runs a chain of Educational Institutions in India. The society follows a specially designed syllabus that covers both Islamic and Modern education. Started in Malegaon, the society soon spread its educational activities to Banglore, Maunath Bhanjan, Aakot and Dhule. At every location, it has the special arrangement for girl-students with well-furnished and suitable hostel facilities.

Jamia Mohammadia Education Society has tied-up with Jamia Islamiah, Madinah Munawwarah in Saudi Arabia for higher education of its students. Many students from this renowned Indian Madrasa complete their masters from Madinah Univeristy every year but the ongoing academic year is special in terms of the results. In a fabulous demonstration, seventeen students from Jamia attained the top seventeen positions when the results were announced at the end of the year. Adding more delight to this historic achievement, one of the students Abdur Rehman Iqbal Ah of Malegaon bagged the coveted Student of the Year award.

Taking strong exceptions of the reports that are appearing in the media about the Taliban Ban on Female Educations, the Muslim theologists and intellectuals in India vehemently denounce their purported actions. “It is a blatant lie to suggest the Female Education is against Islam. It is in fact their action banning the Female Education which is against all norms and principles of Islam”, said Arshad Mukhtar, one of the members of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPB). He also heads Jamia Mohammadia Education Society that runs a chain of Educational Institutions, for boys and girls both, in India. “The first Ayah that was revealed to the Holy Prophet was ‘Iqra’. The word in itself is an order for every Muslim irrespective of their genders to acquire education. Apart from Aisha, the wife of the Prophet who was one of the most learned people remained on earth after the demise of the Prophet, the Islamic History is full of the inspiring accounts of the dignified Muslim ladies”, he said. On February 8, Arshad Mukhtar had laid the foundation stone of a new building for the girl students who are acquiring education at Kullia Aisha in Malegaon. The construction of the new building would double the number of girls currently studying at this plush Madrasa.


Agreeing with Arshad Mukhtar who says there is no discrimination in Islam on the basis of gender when it comes to acquire education, Firoz Azmi, President of Jamaat-e-Islami, Malegaon said, “Not only education, Muslim females, if they adhere to certain guidelines described in Islam for them, can do whatever they want.” Like Jamia Mohammdai Education Society, Jamaat-e-Islami also runs several institutions in India for the girl-students.


Interestingly Arshad Mukhtar’s Jamia Mohammadia Education Society and Firoz Azmi’s Jamaat-e-Islami are not the exceptions in running the educational institutions for girls. Almost every Islamic country in the world has state of the art educational institutions for females. In fact special Female Universities in Saudi Arabia, considered as one of the most conservative Islamic countries, surprised the office bearers of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd (MKCL), which is assisting to spread IT education in the Islamic Kingdom since last couple of years. “The kind of setup we saw in the University for the education of the girls was beyond our expectations in the country like Saudi Arabia”, says one on the condition of anonymity. University officials after going through its successful track record at King Saud University in Riyadh gave MKCL the contract for IT education at King Saud Female University also.



Under these circumstances the reported actions of the Taliban are surprising for even the most conservative Muslims. Renowned scholar, author and Mumbai based columnist Shamim Tarique has the reason for the reported Taliban Ban. Stating that the areas in Afghanistan and part of Pakistan to which so called Talibans belong are known for their tribal traditions, Shamim Tarique says, “Most of the times in order to enforce their tribal traditions and to justify their unwarranted deeds they use the religion as a tool. Otherwise the Islamic history has ample number of examples when Muslim ladies demonstrated their thrust for acquiring education and they were given equal opportunity to do so.”


“Hence”, Shamim Tarique adds, “We should see the Taliban banning the female education in line with their tribal traditions, not on the basis of the Islamic principles.”






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Very poorly researched article. Not a single evidence that Taliban is
restricting education for girls. Is the Taliban even facilitating
education for boys? Probably not. They are running a war right now
against an occupying army. Muslims should not participate in
anti-Taliban propaganda, it makes them look bad, not the Taliban. If you
care about the girls so much, then go there and take care of them. The
Taliban generally does not enjoy westerners coming in there to meddle
around without government supervision, but they are usually cooperative
with Islamic relief agencies and charities. I know someone who opened a
women's gyn clinic in Kandahar with the Taliban's permission. I'd be
willing to assume that the Taliban would be OK with home-schooling girls
or a private girls' school that didn't require the girls to endanger
themselves to get there. Landmines, rapists, and thieves are probably
the Taliban's main concern, not denying women education. Don't forget
that the vast majority of men in that country also cannot read.

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Readying for the Battle ahead

Thirty-two students from sixteen Urdu medium schools from Malegaon, Jalgaon and Dhule participated in the interesting yet close contest that ran through more than seven hours. The two-member team comprising girl-students from SWES High School (Malegaon) emerged as the winner and bagged Seth Mohammad Khalil Trophy. The team from Mohammadia Boys School, Mansoora (Malegaon) receiving Dr. Mehmood-ul-Hasan Trophy came second while the third position went to Iqra Public School....Full Story




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