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Ambassadors of Peace



Getting Ready for The Modern World

 By Aleem Faizee


Located on the banks of Girna River just outside Malegaon, Jamia Mohammadia, Mansoora is a unique combination of Modern and Islamic studies. Founded in 1978, the Giant Educational Complex built on 56 acre of land, using the specially designed syllabus by its visionary founders; it imparts the Islamic as well as Modern Education since its foundation. In yet another landmark decision in 1997, Mansoora computerized its campus long before many other recognized institutions in the area. Today many students from this Madrasa have become doctors, engineers and teachers, which vindicates that Mansoora students are fully ready for the Modern World.


Along with the boys, Mansoora also has provision for the education of the girls. Affiliated to Nashik SSC Board, Mansoora students are clearing the board exams with flying colors. 2007 SSC results saw it scoring 98.60%, surpassing all its previous records. At the time when lot of emphasis is made not only in the country but all over the world about the modernisation of Madrasa and when the countries like United States, pumping a huge amount of money in Pakistan for this purpose, Mansoora is a good example to follow.



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Eid Al-Fitr as we see it

Concept of Faith in Islam

Importance of Purification



“A Muslim holding the Qur’an in one hand ceases to be a Muslim if he holds a bomb in the other”, said Prof. Akhtarul Wasey quoting from Maulana Abulkalam Azad’s famous speech. Prof. Wasey, who is HOD at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi and President of India Interfaith Coalition on HIV-AIDS, was addressing the final-year students at Jamia Mohammadia, Mansoora in Malegaon. Reiterating the apt-repeated claim that the terrorism does not have any affiliation with any religion, he urged the students to work in the national interest. “A better Muslim community is a key if we want to convert India to an Economic Giant by the year 2020”, he said.


Mansoora, as the Giant Educational hub is popularly known as in the country, organizes special Education-cum-Training Convention every year, inviting scholars, media experts and preachers for its final year students. This year the convention was organized on January 22-24 and was jointly participated by boys and girls both, and also the students from other Madrasa. Apart from Prof. Wasey, International Scholar Maulana Ab. Moeed, senior journalist & social activist Hasan Kamal and renowned preacher Riyaz Moosa Melbari addressed the students for three days.


Advising the students to define their priorities properly, Hasan Kamal urged them to work so that the community comes out of the ceased mentality. Referring to the hype created after Salman Rushdie’s recent visit to India and presence of Taslima Nasreen in India, the senior journalist said, “Instead of working for constructive work, we are wasting our energies in non-issues.”


"The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, 'Every religion has an innate character. The character of Islam is modesty.' "

-Al Muwatta

Narrated by Zayd ibn Talha ibn Rukana

Stating that differences are there even in real brothers, Maulana Ab. Moeed cautioned, “Always take care that the differences should not get transformed into extremism.” Quoting from the statistics that keeps India, which is the world’s largest democracy, far behind in Human Development Index (HDI) ranking declared by United Nations, the Maulana described the importance of Equality, Justice, Mutual Respect, Co-operation, Politeness, Courtesy and Exoneration giving various examples. “If today the western countries are flourishing, it is because they are following these things. You also follow the same and see how India’s HDI rating improves”, he asserted.


Refraining the students from using “the language of Fatwas”, he cautioned, “Work for bridging the gap. Never do anything that can result in widening the gap amongst the people in the society.”


Wrapping up the convention, Arshad Mukhtar, Secretary General of the intuitions stressed the need to follow whatever is their in the Book. “We are proud that we have everything in the Book that can surely work for our revival. But unfortunately they are more in the Book than in practice.”



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