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Care your Foot,

The Way you Care for your Face

By Aleem Faizee



Dr. Dhananjay Kelkar, addressing

the Diabetic foot care camp in Malegaon


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“Diabetes is not like other disease where the relatives are always there by the patient’s bedsides to take care of them. For diabetic patients, the scene is totally different. The disease is such that they don’t have any option but to look after them on their own”, stated Dr. Dhananjay Kelkar. Dr. Dhananjay, a scientist who has earned praise and admiration from the doctors all across the world for his efforts in designing the shoes and footwear especially for the diabetic patients, was speaking at the Diabetic Foot Care Camp jointly organized by Lions Club of Malegaon South and Sapphire, Rotary Club of Malegaon and Mid-Town, and Shri Agrawal Seva Samiti on Sunday 30th March, 2008 at Agresen Bhavan in Malegaon. The program was part of the Lion Diabetes Permanent Activity Project started two years back.


Precautions* for the Diabetic Patients:

  • Maintain the Blood Sugar Level (BSL)

  • Avoid walking bare-footed, even if they are inside of their homes.

  • Always wear soft shoes and footwear. No pointed and high-heel shoes are recommended.

  • Chappals and slippers are not recommended for the diabetic patients.

  • Special care should be taken while cutting the nail.

  • Avoid folding the feet while sitting.

  • Oil the skin for keeping them soft as dry skin results in cracks that may lead to foot-ulcer.

  • The pressure socks in the shoes should be soft and should be replaced occasionally.

  • Better if the shoes have the anti-skid soul.

(* Based on the observations made during the camp. May not be treated as a final verdict)

Elaborating why the shoes and footwear available in the market are not suitable for the diabetic patients, the acclaimed doctor explored at length the reasons why he had to design special footwear for them. “We Indians have the feet that are totally different in size and design as compare to our counterparts living in the west. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Assam to Gujarat, the areas are different and so are the foot of the people and their designs. This has happened because we don’t wear the shoes from the childhood as the people in the west do”, he said. Dr. Dhananjay stated that when he started his research, he found 45 types of foot in India. “Finally we short listed 15 of them and are now manufacturing the shoes, suitable for most of the people in India.”


“All these efforts are taken so as to take care of the foot as we take care of our face”, the doctor said, “In order to avoid foot-ulcer which leads to cutting of the legs of the diabetic patients that make their lives not only miserable but also reduce them drastically.”


Stating that 50,000 people loose their legs every year in India and every 30 seconds a person meets with the same fate in the world, Dr. Suneet Shah, the driving force behind all these activities and the man who has taken the lead for keeping the diabetic patients in Malegaon in a comparatively good health said, “If we take precautions, we can save the legs of the 80% patients.”


Of the 300 patients that had registered for the camp, 250 patients turned up at the venue and took the benefit. “Apart from guidelines to take care of their foot, the foot-care kits containing the tools were also gifted to every patient”, said Lion Ashish Zawar.

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