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To Mohammad Wajihuddin, with regret

In reply to your report on excommunication of 5 Muslims in Malegaon

Saturday, June 05, 2010 09:07:56 PM, Aleem Faizee,

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Malegaon: Despite the assumptions and fabrications that your story regarding excommunications of 5 Muslims in Malegaon has and notwithstanding the fact that the incident of which you are creating such a hue and cry could have been treated as an aberration seen in any society in India or abroad, hats off to you, Mr. Wajihuddin for the sense of responsibility as a journalist you have shown. It is - and has to be – on the expected lines from a senior journalist like you to become “restless” after learning the pain of the people. And this is what you did after learning the “sorry state” of those “5 Muslims” in Malegaon who have been so “cruelly and unjustly” excommunicated by the “Maulvis”. No sane person would sit quiet if there is danger to someone’s life. What you did and the haste you showed in reporting the incident hence is laudable. No matter if you failed in verifying the facts before filing your story.


However, Mr. Wajihuddin, there are more than half a million people in Malegaon who are also facing threat to their lives though because of some other reasons. There are, Mr. Wajihuddin, thousands of people in Malegaon who are discriminated against and are forced to live under pathetic and inhuman conditions that you must have noticed while in the town after the two tragic blasts and recently to attend a marriage ceremony. It is strange that your “conscience” did not force you to file any story on the sorry state of such a huge population.


While reporting on Malegaon, Mr. Wajihuddin, the series of communal riots that became fate of this Muslim dominated town soon after the Independence, was normally in the minds of journalists till “the politics of communal riots was replaced by that of bomb blasts”. Defending the Muslim accused who are falsely implicated in the blasts and highlighting the plight of their families would be too much to expect from a journalist attached with the media house you are associated with. However, in contrast to the general propaganda that the Muslims in Malegaon have always been responsible for inciting communal tension, Justice Patil Commission reportedly has the other side of the story in his report. Why as a journalist you do not file a story that could pressurise the state government to table the Commission Report in the assembly. Why don’t you, who seem to be so worried about the “image of Indian Muslims”, create hue and cry out of this so that the truth about the communal riots in Malegaon is made public and the blot on the face of being communally intolerant on such a large chunk of Muslim population is removed?


While in Malegaon, you must have noticed complete breakdown of local administration. You must have realised the dearth of basic amenities in the town. You must have taken a ride or two on the streets and by lanes in Malegaon. Don’t you think that a town with a population of more than half a million people deserve better roads, better infrastructure, better access to civic amenities and to quality professional education. Why the pain and the daily sufferings of this huge population failed to move you to write similar reports?


During your stay in the town, you must have been told about the sorry state of hundreds of teachers in Malegaon who are denied their salaries for months. You must have been told that because of the delay in the salary some of the teachers could not manage their medical treatments and have actually died. Even then, your “sense of responsibility” as a journalist did not force you to file any story?


During your stay in Malegaon, you must have witnessed the indiscriminate power load shedding that has left thousands of poor labourers starving. You must have been told that the prolonged power load shedding in Malegaon is the result of someone else’s crime and the Muslims in Malegaon are being punished for something they are not responsible of. It is surprising even then you did not take any pain to write a story.


Agreed, the country has given the right to preach one’s belief to every individual and if anyone tries to eliminate this right, you as a journalist have every right to make it public and criticise. But, why you single out a particular incident - that too on the basis of assumptions and without verifying the facts - while you chose to remain silent on several other occasions and even after learning about the incidents that threaten the future of thousands of people?


Lastly, you rightly quoted a columnist who says, such acts like the one the “Maulvis” did in Malegaon tarnish the image of Indian Muslims. But, don’t you realise, the manner you chose while reporting yesterday, and the way you generalised and exaggerated the details pertaining to the incident, can also be used as tools to malign the image of Indian Muslims and strengthen stereotypes against them?


From a Malegaon-ian





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In addition to what u said. its a routine of wajihuddin, ironically a muslim community reporter, to copy his stories from the Urdu newspapers and he gets the qoutes of his beloved and god fathers like hasan kamal, sajid rashid, Javed akhtar, javed anand and twist the story according to his ideology i.e. islam and muslim bashing. This story is a proof of what i said. he copied it from sahafat urdu daily mumbai edition which has become a castle of communism and headed by renowned communists like hasan kamal and sajid rashid.
May Allah help him understand the beliefs of his rootes.

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Gud article alimbhai. Some doubts. 1. Is it possible to repress 50
Muslims let alone 50 lakh? 2. All over the world, it has been noticed
that anything happens to one Muslim in a particular town and whole town
rushes to spot. 3. I have personally seen how threatening the Muslim
mobs can be if assembled at some place. 4. Is the lack of civic
amenities in malegaon related to Muslims only? 5. Are other communities
not suffering? 6. Is it because a single couple is having ten children
that the situation is becoming so worrisome in Malegaon? 7. Is it not
true that power pilferage is leading to load shedding? 8. Who is
responsible? 9. Is it that Muslims are akin to Brahmins who feel that
they are something different, correct, great by birth and always right?
10. If not so, why are you so averse to a voice of descent or some

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