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Career in Police – Good Option for Ghatee Youths

Sunday February 5, 2017 5:30 PM, Pritam Nagrale,

Kashmir Police

Facing manpower crunch, police department now has to grapple with youths to opt for lucrative career in the police force. One state that faces educational as well as employment problem is Jammu and Kashmir.

These problems are actually unique because of its adverse geographical conditions, minimal economic development, political issues etc. Problems of education especially higher education are because of ill devised educational policy.

Educational system in India follows the same pattern as it was established by Britishers long ago. But, Kashmir being the disturbed state, parents themselves does not allow their Children to go outside and study.

In Jammu and Kashmir as the government jobs started to scare and all the multinational companies backed out, the only government job that showed interest and pays well is Police force. Police recruitment rallies turned out to be a major hope for thousands of unemployed youth.

Get a quick view of all the requirements as well as about the police trainings, job responsibilities, and all the possible prospects and find out if this is the right choice for you. Know about the preparation needed and the educational qualifications require opting for this police job.

If you have completed your high School diploma or GED then you may get a chance to begin your career as a police officer. However, some positions do require recognized degree from a reputed institution.

All those candidates who are interested for Jammu Kashmir police recruitment must attend the training academy. He/She has to pass psychological test, physical test and all the background checks.

Required Information
Jammu Kashmir police recruitment upholds local or state laws. Almost every police force career has same requirements irrespective of its trainings and assessment tests. There are few careers that require graduation.

  • Qualification criteria: Metric pass, High School diploma or GED, graduation
  • Age qualification: 18+
  • Mandatory requirements: Medical test, police training academy and separate graduation for fish and game wardens
  • Pay Scale: As per government

Various posts of Jammu Kashmir police recruitment:

  • Constables
  • Head constables
  • Police officer
  • Detective
  • Fish and game warden
  • State Trooper

Constables: Minimum qualification for constable is matriculation, though higher educated ghatees youth can also apply for the constable post.

Head constables: Minimum qualification for the post of head constable is higher education diploma or GCD.

Police Officer: Ghatee youths who have completed their graduation are eligible to apply for Jammu Kashmir Police Recruitment. They are the law enforcement members who do regular patrolling in their assigned areas. Their duty is to prevent and preserve common man from crimes and enforce traffic laws.

Mostly police officers are assigned cars for doing patrolling but depending on the areas some police officers work in specialized units including motor units, harbour patrol, foot patrol, mounted patrol, bicycle patrol and canine unit.

Another role of police officer is to investigate disturbances and respond to emergency calls. These officers have full authority to arrest someone and they also help detectives in certain cases by sharing the history of criminals if they have, collecting evidences, testifying in court etc.

Detective: As we all are aware of the fact that Kashmir is a disturbed state in India. Thus this Jammu Kashmir Police recruitment part is an important loyalty position of the police department. Any police officer after a probationary period of three years is eligible for promotion to detective post.

Various departments of police detectives are:

  • Guns and gangs
  • Narcotics
  • Homicide
  • Organized crime

Police detectives have to gather all the necessary information, collect the evidence for the same, interview the suspects, carefully examine all the facts and conduct surveillance. 

State Troopers: All those officers who ensure highway safety are known as state troopers. Minimum qualification for becoming state trooper is higher education or diploma, graduation.

Fish and game warden: For this Jammu Kashmir police recruitment candidate must possess a recognized degree. They patrol common hunting areas and arrest all those people who break wildlife rules and regulations.

Essential requirements:

  1. Candidates should have minimum 21 years of age for police officer, detective, state trooper and fish and game warden post.
  2. All the applicants must pass all types of tests.
  3. Candidates with any criminal record will be violated on the spot.
  4. Fish and game wardens must possess certain specific requirements; this will include an associate degree in fish and wildlife management, biology or agriculture field.
  5. Ex- serviceman or candidates with experience in law enforcement will be exempted from the education requirements. 


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