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Science, a tool to know the laws of nature and divinity - Dr. Aslam Parvaiz

Saturday, September 12, 2009 01:36:26 AM, Dr. Rehan Ansari

Dr. Aslam Parvaiz delivering the lecture in Bhiwandi

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Bhiwandi: It was a mid-Ramadan, Sunday. Raining to confine you in home. Laziness to leave the bed after Fajr salah - the morning prayers… However, nothing stopped us from reaching to Rais High School campus here for the audio-visual presentation by Dr. Md. Aslam Parvaiz, Principal of Zakir Husain College, New Delhi and eminent researcher and scholar of Islam and Science. Dr. Aslam, who also edits New Delhi based Urdu monthly “Science”, was in Bhiwandi to deliver a lecture on 'Science, Understanding Qur’an and the Guidance'. (Science, Qur'an Fehmi aur Hidayah)


Members of Bazm-e-Ilm-o-Adab - Rais High School Teachers’ literary body and the organiser of the seminar - were there to greet everyone. By the time we reached the venue, despite heavy rains more than 200 people had already occupied the seats in the auditorium.


To begin the presentation, Dr. Aslam explored three parts of the topic i.e. Science, Understanding Qura’n and Hidayah - the Guidance, with the help of recognized dictionaries and extracts by renowned mufassireens - the describers of the Holy Book. Subsequently, using the PowerPoint presentation he moved on to explain the depth of the topic. The slides were self explanatory and enriched with Dr. Aslam's valuable narrations. Every slide in fact moved us into a world of amazement of divinity, laws to govern the nature - right from tiny particles to the vast universe. It was really overwhelming to learn how Allah had made it easier for the people if they really want to know Him. 


Wondering how Science is taken just as an another subject in our society to be taught in schools and colleges, Dr. Aslam said, "Science means “Ilm” - a complete knowledge of things. It should be used as a tool to look into the depth and study the laws of nature and divinity." 


Rejecting the deeply rooted notion in our society that studying Science leads to becoming an atheist or Munkir or Kafir, he said, "Science no doubt is a tool and whoever uses this tool with conviction and honesty, would surely get the glimpse of Allah’s spark in it."


At the same time he cautioned the audience telling, "Science today is not the Science explained above. It has its own limitations."


Dr. Aslam urged the audience...

"There are clear signs for the mankind in every Ayah - the verses of Qura'n and whoever ponders over them, hidayah - the Guidance is certain."

Pointing that some of us have a habit of portraying every invention in Science as being present in Qur'an, Dr. Aslam said, "It is true that we find something in Qur'am that later scientists claim as an invention. But  it does not mean we start finding the roots of every scientific invention in Qur'an. This phenomenon is not correct because Science many times takes a U turn from whatever it has described as fake, forged and discarded."


"Conversely", he said, "Qura’n is not a book for any explained time. Its implications and teachings are ageless and will guide every human being till the Day of Judgment. As one goes into the details and descriptions of any Aayah - a verse from Qur'an - a miraculous voyage starts taking you to eternity. This is not and never been possible for Science and any such known tools of knowledge."


He described at length how everything in this world is governed by the law of nature without moving a bit from the duties conferred to them by the Almighty Allah. "This is the real submission to the duties. However, Allah has created the human beings with Nafs - the will power and has equipped us with five senses", Dr. Aslam said and added, "It is through these senses that Allah exhorts the human being to think, ponder and reflect over His creations simultaneously testing them if they submit to the Almighty."


Having described this, Dr. Aslam cautioned the audience stating that these senses are incapable of finding all the beings in reality. "They are very much limited and many a time give exactly opposite results e.g. we see things as red but the fact is that it absorbs other colours of light and reflects red i.e. does not accept red! Meaning it is not red. It is our perception that we call the things as red!", he said.


"Since our senses and Science have limitations, using them we can never perceive the unlimited existence of cosmos and divinity. However, if we can eulogize the creation to admire its Creator without visualizing, this is hidaya - the guidance. Here we say that if you recognize The Creator by admiring his creation you get hidaya and if you just stop at the creation and its specifications you have deviated", Dr. Aslam said.


"It is however unfortunate that Qur'an is perhaps the only book in the world which is read most of the time without its readers understanding the verses", Dr. Aslam said recalling how Qur'an is regarded as the most read book in the world. In the end, urging the audience to think and ponder over the verses of Qur'an, he concluded, "There are clear signs for the mankind in every Ayah - the verses of Qura'n and whoever ponders over them, hidayah - the Guidance is certain."









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