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Tuesday February 7, 2017 7:11 PM, News Network

Naeem Akhter
[ CEO Naeem Akhtar believes that Muslim Ethnic wear has a very big scope in India as the Muslim Clothing market is projected to spike by great numbers in the near future.]

Today’s educated Muslim women want to wear premium and trendy yet Modest Clothing - be it for function, festivals or any special occasions. They want to dress up elegantly yet upholding the values they believe in. This has set a new trend. Many well to do families are often heading to Dubai for shopping premium Abaya and Salwar Kameez. Even within India, every year during ‘Eid, many Muslims families travel to cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai or Delhi to shop such products. But, not all people can do so, there can be a more convenient way of buying such Modest Fashion Clothes. This made Naeem Akhtar to start, an online store exclusively for Modest Fashion and Halal Products, so that every woman can shop from the comfort of their home at convenient time.

India presents a strange case, having world’s second largest Muslim population in the world. Yet the country doesn’t have a single pan-India modest fashion brand, there are no large store formats to cater to this market. Entire market is fragmented and un-organized. Many small & regional players cater to their traditional markets. If you analyze the situation, there is a huge scope available in this segment. Sheer population base and growing income is going to multiply this market.

At world level too, according to a survey by Thompson Reuters regarding the state of global Islamic economy, Muslim clothing market in 2015-2016 was $230 billion. Analysts expect the Muslim clothing market to expand to $327 billion by 2019. As India is the second biggest country for Muslim population, Indian Muslims will play a major role in the spike of the Muslim clothing market but still there are no big players in India who sell or manufacture ethnic Muslim Clothing. This segment of Indian fashion industry is completely un-branded and un-organized strangely. Small manufacturers sell their products in some specific regions.

After analyzing the Muslim clothing market across the country for six months, Naeem Akhtar launched Mubarak Deals provides an online platform for all the Muslims in India to shop the new trendy yet modest clothing according to their choice from the comfort of their home and product is delivered at customer door steps. Mubarak Deals has partnered with more than 50 manufacturers across cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad who sell their products on across the country. CEO Naeem Akhtar believes that Muslim Ethnic wear has a very big scope in India as the Muslim Clothing market is projected to spike by great numbers in the near future. He said as he comes from Bijapur, a small city and has previously worked in Hubli city, he very well knows the difficulty of finding premium quality Muslim ethnic wear. Traveling to cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad just for shopping was common for those who seek for good ethnic wear. He started so Muslims can buy all Muslim fashion wear and accessories online from the comfort of their home.

Muslim Fashion

When asked what motivated Naeem to pursue the business path, he said “I always wanted to be self-dependent. It was during my previous experience at HDFC Bank and SunEdison Energy, I learnt my way to business. When I had a discussion with my family about this, they said ‘If you believe in it, Go for it’ ’’.

Every startup faces many ups and downs, when we asked Naeem about this, he answered charmingly “During our [Muslims] special occasions whenever I wanted to buy some premium quality Islamic clothing for my family I always had the problem of where to buy and which brand to buy. There are no branded stores, no large stores, no exclusive online store nor a single Pan-India brand available. All old Muslim ethnic clothing stores don’t keep all the range. In India, 17 crore people follow Muslim ethnic fashion yet no large player to buy. I was sure that there are many like me who are facing this problem, because this segment is completely unorganized across the country. So I thought I should try to solve this problem. When I discussed the idea with some of my friends, they just said ‘we are in’, so we launched MubarakDeals.”

It can be noted that world over many startups have come-up to serve clothing demand for Muslim population, take for instance ‘Modanisa’ in Turkey, Shukr in Europe or Hijup in Indonesia and wants to bring all the major brands within India and from abroad on its store and provide its customers an un-parallel choice, notably is already India’s largest Modest fashion online store. The store is owned by Amiable Innovations Private Limited based out of startup city, Bangalore. (Sponsored)

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