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Indian-Americans demand protection of women from rape, sexual assaults

Thursday April 19, 2018 11:02 PM, News Network

AMI Protest Washington

Washington: In a public statement Thursday, Washington DC based Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM), made a strong appeal to the President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India, to implement strong and effective measures in India to stop and prevent the frequent incidents of rapes of girls that are continuing to grow and happen in various parts of the country.

"Two recent gruesome incidents of rape and extreme brutality of girls from poor families, namely, an 8 year old Muslim girl in Kathua (Jammu), and a 17 year old Hindu girl in Unnao (Uttar Pradesh), are so shocking and vile that they have shaken the basic conscience of our multi-religious nation. In the last few months such incidents of rape, and also murder following rape, of young girls and women have proliferated across India, and their occurrence has grown considerably in several states in the north and west of India", the AIM said.

"It is shocking that 70 years after independence, as India has become a modern and industrially advanced nation, some predatory men in India are targeting innocent girls and women and are committing extreme sexual violence against them. Girls and women going outside their houses, in big cities and small cities, are being molested by sexual predators. The police, government authorities and organizations are not implementing any of the many laws that exist in India to prevent such horrible sex crimes. Often they refuse to register complaints from the victim women, or to seriously investigate the complaints against the perpetrators who are influential men in the local communities", it added.

Washington protest

"In 2012, when Nirbhaya, a girl student was raped and killed in New Delhi, there was huge public outcry. The then government responded by making stringent laws to punish the perpetrators of sex crimes on women. However, in the six years since, incidents of rape of women have increased, and now the perpetrator men have become more aggressive and fearless. This is because even though laws to prevent sex crimes exist, the government authorities are not enforcing them. Instead, after accepting bribes or under the influence of men in powerful positions in the government, the authorities buckle and ignore the bestial sex crimes on women", it said.

"The Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM), demands that the central Indian government and the governments in the various states, initiate a new strong policy of making the police and law and order authorities actually implement swift and exemplary punishment of those who perpetrate sex crimes on women. Protect the girls and women in India from growing horrible sex crimes and rape", it said.

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