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Justice Loya seems to have died of poisoning or head injury: Forensic expert

Monday February 12, 2018 8:25 PM, News Network

Justice Loya Post Mortem Report

New Delhi:
Dr RK Sharma, one of India’s foremost forensic experts, after examining medical documents opined that Justice B.H Loya seemed to have died because of trauma to the brain, and even possible poisoning.

“There is no evidence of myocardial infarction in the histopathology report,” Sharma, the former head of the Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Department at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi, and the president of the Indian Association of Medico-Legal Experts for 22 years.

“The findings in this report have no suggestion of a heart-attack. They show changes, but not a heart attack", he said while dismissing the official claim that Loya died of a heart attack

“The post-mortem report also says that calcification is observed in the vessels. Where there is calcification, there is no heart attack. Once the vessels have calcified they will never block the flow of blood", Sharma told The Caravan after studying Loya’s post-mortem report and related histopathology report.

“More importantly, dura is congested according to the post-mortem report,” Sharma adding, “Dura mater is the outermost layer that surrounds our brain. It is damaged in cases of trauma, which indicates some kind of an assault on the brain. A physical assault.”

The post-mortem report does not record precisely how much congestion of dura was observed. Sharma said he found it strange that “the reason why dura is congested is not written.”

“There is a possibility of poisoning,” Sharma continued, looking at the post-mortem report. “Every single organ is congested.” The organs recorded as “congested” in the report include the liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, oesophagus and lungs, among others.

Justice Loya mysteriously died in 2014 while a case pertaining to the fake encounter killing of Sohrabuddin Sheikh was pending in the CBI court in which BJP president Amit Shah was an accused.

The Caravan had in an earlier report claimed that Justice Loya’s sister and father had said that the Justice was offered a bribe of Rs 100 crore and a flat in Mumbai to pass a favourable judgment in Sohrabuddin encounter killing case. The judge had also confided to his family that he would rather retire or take a transfer than to take the bribe.

The Opposition parties had on Friday met President Ram Nath Kovind demanding SIT probe into the death Justice Loya.

The Supreme Court of India had also while hearing a PIL said "Justice Loya's death is a serious matter".

Justice Loya's death was also referred by the four Supreme Court judges who held a press conference admitting that they had gone public about their differences with Chief Justice Dipak Misra in part because of the manner in which the prayer for an inquiry into Loya’s death had been assigned by the CJI to a particular bench of the court.


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