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Stock Taking Dangerous Trends Developing in India  

This government’s anti-people policies have only given pain and agony to the people of this country

Wednesday February 5, 2020 12:17 PM, Syed Ali Mujtaba

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It is for the first time in last 70 years or so, a government has come into power in this country that is being called as anti-people. This government had inherited a country that had 7.5 percent growth rate. Now this government by its deliberate design has not only slowed down the growth rate but has pulled it down to 4.5 percent.

The BJP government in its first term in office made a big noise that by “demonetizing the currency” many of the economic ills of the nation will be straightened up. It gave several other rationales for the government’s decision. Now, many reports coming into open shed light that this government did an act of human rascality to give deliberate pain and agony to the people. This is yet another example to suggests that this government is anti- people.

Then, this government imposed Goods and Service Tax (GST) that hit a large number of small and medium traders. Many businesses had to be closed due to harsh tax regime imposed by the current government. Some say that this government in order to promote crony capitalism has hit on the belly of its small traders.

In fact since 2014 when this government came to power has done nothing that can be called development of the people. In fact it has played a destructive role in slowing down the economy.

Government has failed to address the core issues of the people like poverty, hunger, farmer’s suicide unemployment etc. In fact this government’s anti-people policies have only given pain and agony to the people of this country.

The current government is also anti-Muslim. It has come to power with an agenda to harass the peace loving Muslim citizen of this country. Right after coming to power in 2014, government hit upon the cattle trade mostly controlled by the Muslims. It closed down cattle slaughter houses and rendered many Muslims jobless.

Then there were clutch of anti-Muslim laws enacted by the government. The first being ‘triple talaq’ issue, interfering in Muslim personal laws. Then abrogation of Article 370 and 35A and changing the status of Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir. Then the Babari Masjid verdict of the Supreme Court went against the Muslims of the country.

The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the National Population Register (NPR), the National Register of Citizens (NRC) were mulled to target the Muslims. By this, the current government has seemingly made it clear that it does not want Muslims being citizen of this country.

The most dangerous trend in the country is that the people of the country have lost faith in the Supreme Court, the highest judicial forum in the country. It’s one sided judgment on Babari Masjid – Ram Janambhoomi dispute was anti-Muslim. Thereafter its summary rejection of the review petition on its verdict has further reinforced the view that even having the title of the land for 500 years, the Indian Muslims have no claims over its own place of worship.

The recent Supreme Court verdict on post Godhra Gujarat riots of 2002 granting immunity to the riots accused and mass-murderers gives a sorry account of the highest court of India.

The continued denial of the fundamental rights to the people of the Kashmir valley has not moved the Supreme Court into action even though numerous petition challenging government’s decision on Jammu and Kashmir is gathering the dust.

Similarly, the Apex Court is buying time to give ruling over the government’s anti-constitutional Citizenship Amendment Act. The issues surrounding National Population Register (NPR) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) are also being overlooked by the top court. The Supreme Court's insensitivity on many burning issues has lowered the faith of the people and they are made to believe that they will not get justice from courts of this country. This is the most dangerous trend developing in Indian Republic.

Since 2014 when the BJP government came to power it appears that media has become a caged parrot in this country. There is unofficial restriction on the Media and it appears that the ruling government has given a clear direction to the media that they have to praise the government’s policies if they wish to survive as private entity.

The main gag on the media is on relinquishing its role as the guardian of the democracy and shun any moral ethical, objectivity concerns. The biased, slanted and pro-government media outlets are dotting the fourth estate. It appears people no more believe in the information given by the media that has lost its credibility. This is another dangerous trend in the Indian Republic.

Many international bodies like the UN, EU, and OIC have raised voice of concern at the current Indian government policies. But, instead of heeding to their concerns, the government has engaged in either combating many international bodies and remains defiant. Indian diplomats are full time engaged in doing his majesty’s service justifying the government’s actions before the international bodies. It appears the government of the day cares a damn about these international bodies and treats them as barking beasts.

The democracy in India is at risk because opposition political parties are complacent in challenging the government’s anti-people’s policy. It is sad to see that the opposition political parties are raising feeble voices against the government policies. The muted response of the opposition to the government polices is the most dangerous trend developing in the country.

Monitoring the opposition political leaders throws the assumption that they fear being haunted like P. Chidambaram and therefore desist from opposing the government. This is another dangerous trend developing in the country.

India is undergoing a metamorphosis, an ideological battle is on between a section of the society that envisages Hindu India and a larger section who believe in secular India based on composite culture, unity in diversity, peaceful coexistence etc.

The ruling government though profess by the secular credentials of the constitution in reality wants to impose its Hindu India ideology on the people. It wants to supplant the secular vision of India with own vision of Hindu India. After coming to power, the government has built a huge momentum towards their project Hindu Rasthra.

All these are because the peace loving secular people of the country are insensitive, non-participatory in taking sides in the ideological tussle going on in the country.

However, things have started changing and a standard of revolt is seen among the people. The anti-CAA protest has united the people.

Their message is clear; enough is enough, when politics is going to decide their future, they who have to decide, what kind of politics they want. It is for sure; they do not want the supremacy of Hindu Rashtra but wish to reestablish the democratic, secular and socialist character of India.

[Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at syedalimujtaba2007@gmail.com.]

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