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Pariksha Par Churcha vs Scamster's Escape Formula - Modi, Rahul in edu mode

Friday February 16, 2018 7:42 PM, News Network

Modi Rahul

New Delhi:
As Narendra Modi engaged with students with his "Pariksha Par Churcha" program, Congress President Rahul Gandhi again targeted the Prime Minister again over Punjab National Bank (PNB) "Mega Scam" - this time using a Chemistry formula.

La(Mo) + Ni(Mo) -----> Bha(Go)" Rahul Gandhi wrote on Twitter on Friday.

Not to mention how smartly the young Congress President has embedded Sodium (Na) and Molybdenum (Mo), in his message.

This is on consecutive second day that Rahul Gandhi has targeted the prime minister. On Thursday Congress President had slammed the surprising escape from the country of Nirav Modi - the jeweler in news after the Punjab National Bank (PNB) detected Rs.11,400 crore scam with his now famous "Guide to Looting India" tweet:

"Guide to Looting India by Nirav MODI

1. Hug PM Modi 2.

Be seen with him in DAVOS Use that clout to:

A. Steal 12,000Cr B. Slip out of the country like Mallya, while the Govt looks the other way."

Congress tweets came even as Congress media incharge flashed a group photo in which Nirav Modi is seen with Prime Minister Modi in Davos.

After the photo surfaced in the media, the government clarified that the Prime Minister did not met Nirav in Davos, and that he was there "of his own".

Rahul Gandhi's "scamster's escape formula" flashed on his official Twitter account on the day Prime Minister Modi interacted with the students sharing with them how to handle the exam stress.

During the interaction students asked manu questions which he answered. The event however turned "political" when a student asked him how he would be tackling the "Exam pressure of the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha Polls?"

"'If I was your teacher, I would've advised you to take up journalism ... kyuki aise lapet ke sawal journalists hi puchte hain. (because only journalists ask such type of questions)."

Congress and Rahul Gandhi are targeting Prime Minister Modi ever since report came that there is a massive fraud detected by Punjab National Bank (PNB) - the country's second largest public sector bank. The issue went further off the hand after it became known that Nirav Modi - the man reportedly behind the scam escaped from the country, even though the government was alerted beforehand.


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