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Digital Technology: Merits and Demerits

Thursday August 2, 2018 8:26 PM, Zohair Muhammed Safwan,

Digital technology
[Cameras which are used in security purpose for example in furniture and other stores use Digital Technology to store date needed for 24-hour-non-stop security.]

Mumbai: In mid-twentieth century, American engineers began developing Digital Technology. Their methods were based on Mathematical concepts which had been suggested by the German mathematician in seventeenth-century. Binary codes were the key feature of the Digital Technology.

Binary codes were used to record Digital Information. Binary codes are combination of 0 and 1 number, also they are called bits. Due to the Digital Technology, we can now store a huge amount of data in very less space. It compress huge amount of data and stores in small place. This data can be easily preserved and transported.

What is Digital Technology?

Digital Technology includes all those devices which work on digital language or binary language. All equipments that use or store information in numerical values come under the Digital Technology.

It is the Digital Information which is stored in combination or pattern of 0s and 1s, which is called binary digits or bits. These combined bits make a certain image or word.

Merits and Demerits of Digital Technology

Let us discuss some of the merits and demerits of the Digital Technology as they have a great impact on today’s world.


  1. Space and its compact storage feature are one of the biggest advantages of the Digital Technology. Nowadays people use their smartphones every day. They used to click so many pictures and they send so many messages to one another. All these things are stored and transferred in the form of digital language or numerical values. Every picture has its own size and own different pattern which helps to differentiate from one other.
  2. Speed is also one of the major advantages of the Digital Technology. With speed you can transfer huge data in a very less time. Data is transferred in digital form. It travels with a very high speed. Nowadays some high end computers can transfer up to 1 GB data per second. Some of the devices, like cameras which are used for security purpose, for example in furniture and other stores like Urban Ladder, use them for 24-hour security. These cameras use Digital Technology to send and record data in the form of videos.
  3. Digital language is easy to maintain. You can preserver data for many many years without getting a single damage to them. This is the best way to store data in present time. Hard disks and other storage devices use the Digital Technology.


  1. It is very difficult to understand the codes of the digital language by own. You need special skills to understand them. You need professional skills and knowledge to recognize the code by its own. One who is unaware of the digital language cannot understand it. You have to develop skills to understand the Digital Language and Codes.
  2. People who lives in rural areas and have lower income situation, are unable to access even the more common technologies such as a computer on a regular basis.
  3. Some people are also saying that due to the Digital Technology, students are losing basic knowledge and reading skills.

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