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'To make banking system safe more important than giving kids exam tips'

Sunday February 18, 2018 6:06 PM, News Network

Nirav Modi Bank Scam

New Delhi:
The Congress Party on Saturday fired another round of salvos at Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying making the country's bank system safer is more important than giving exam tips to little kids.

"Instead of spending an hour and a half explaining to little kids how to take exams he should explain to the people of India what is going to be done to this Mr Nirav Modi and what is he going to do to make sure that the banking system is safe", Congress President Rahul Gandhi said while talking to reporters in New Delhi on Saturday.

Rahul Gandhi was referring to Prime Minister Modi's "Pariksha Pe Churcha" program on Friday held even as people were in shock because of one of the largest banking scams to hit the country in its recent history, and were worried about the safety of their deposits in banks.

"The Prime Minister through his actions has destroyed the financial system of this country. He has taken money from people's pockets and put it into the banking sector.

"And now his friends and cronies are stealing it from the banking sector", Rahul Gandhi said.

"(And yet) This Govt constantly refuses to accept responsibility", he added, referring to Nirav Modi cheating the Punjab National Bank (PNB) about 11,400 rupees.

"Under the Modi Govt, rules only apply to ordinary citizens. If you're Mehul Bhai or Nirav Modi, you can rob a bank and flee the country. No questions asked", the Congress president said.

"The self-proclaimed "chowkidars" are soundly sleeping while fraudsters loot the country and run away.

"Is Rs.21,306 crores (and counting) a trivial amount for the Prime Minister to not speak up?" he asked.

Later on Sunday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi used Twitter to target the Modi with another message - again referring the Prime Minister's "Pariksha Pe Churcha" program..

"PM Modi tells kids how to pass exams for 2 hrs, but won't speak for 2 mins on the 22,000Cr banking scam.

"Mr Jaitley is in hiding.

"Stop behaving as if you're guilty! Speak up", he said.

Meanwhile, another photo of Nirav Modi with Prime Minister Modi in Davos is taking rounds in the media. In the latest photograph Nirav Modi is reportedly seen standing just behind the Prime Minister.

After the first photo showing Nirav Modi with Modi was surfaced in the media, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar said the Prime Minister did not meet Nirav in Davos. He also said Nirav was not part of the official delegation.


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